The Best Iron Man T-Shirts

Though it wasn't until recently that he got his own dedicated live action movies, Iron Man has long been a Marvel Comics superhero favorite.

Evolving from a walking tin can to the wisecracking cutting edge of armored suit wearing superheroes we know him as today, Tony Stark's had a compelling story to tell. A cocky billionaire playboy with a genius talent for machines and a way with the ladies. From weapons manufacturer to redemption and Avengers membership. A tale of man and technology and the ongoing struggle to understand the future of the relationship between the two. And lots of really cool battles with fiendish supervillains. What more could you ask for?

They may not be iron, but man are you going to enjoy the Iron Man tees we've assembled.

1. Stained Back - Iron Man 3

Stained Back - Iron Man 3

You'd be seeing red too after dealing with enough supervillainy.

2. Iron Man

Iron Man

If anyone tells you you're confused, just start yammering at them about kids these days and gold.

3. Iron Man Mach One

Iron Man Mach One

Hey, it may look like a giant living tin of cat food, but the Mach One's still menacing.

4. Iron Man Core

Iron Man Core

For those who'd like to take the Arc Reactor core to heart.

5. Marvel Comics Iron Man Huge Head

Marvel Comics Iron Man Huge Head

Understandably, Iron Man looks pretty confounded by this whole suddenly-being-a-t-shirt thing.

6. Marvel Comics Iron Man Heart Shaped Head

Marvel Comics Iron Man Heart Shaped Head

Let the world know you've got a little iron in your heart.

7. Iron Man Stark Burst

Iron Man Stark Burst

It's a known fact that rocket boots are the best means of achieving flight.

8. In Tandem - Iron Man 3

In Tandem - Iron Man 3

War Machine gets a piece of the action this time too!

9. Iron Man Huge Iron Face

Iron Man Huge Iron Face

This is the face of an angry mechanical man. Presumably. Robotic faces aren't always all that expressive.

10. Iron Element Man

Iron Element Man

Not every superhero makes it on the periodic table, you know.

11. Iron Man Iron Patriot

Iron Man Iron Patriot

Move over, Captain America.

12. Tony Stark Light-Up LED

Tony Stark Light-Up LED

This beaming Arc Reactor shirt will leave you glowing. Literally.

13. Iron Man Japan

Iron Man Japan

Fighting for the power of love! And also explosions.

14. Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist | Iron Man | Tony Stark

Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist | Iron Man | Tony Stark

Hey, not braggin'.

15. Iron Man Love Technology

Iron Man Love Technology

Move over, Kip from Napoleon Dynamite.

16. Iron Man Costume

Iron Man Costume

If anyone asks why you're wearing this in the middle of summer, just tell them you're being ironic. Then laugh and walk away. Yeah, you won that one.

17. Iron Man Lip Smacker

Iron Man Lip Smacker

Pucker up for some super smooches!

18. Iron Man Revolution

Iron Man Revolution

Can he walk at all?
Or if he moves will he fall?

19. Chibi Iron Man

Chibi Iron Man

Lifting that huge head is his greatest superpower.

20. Simplistic Iron Man

Simplistic Iron Man

This Iron Man tee proves what they say about less being more.

21. Iron Man Outline

Iron Man Outline

When his chest cavity's glowing, like the wind you'd best get blowing (away).

22. Iron Man Suit Up

Iron Man Suit Up

It'd be pretty awkward if Iron Man flew in for a dramatic handshake, then pulled his hand away at the last second just to mess with you.

23. Iron Man Team M 30

Iron Man Team M 30

Challenge the world to use its imagination with this cool Team M30 tee.

24. Iron Man Comic Panels and Head

Iron Man Comic Panels and Head

Comics have an advantage in showing robot helmet expressions that real life tends to lack.

25. Iron Man 3 Palm

Iron Man 3 Palm

One high-five from Iron Man and that's the only story you'll tell your friends ever again.

26. Iron Man Invincible Classic

Iron Man Invincible Classic

For those seeking a more classic '90s Iron Man look.

27. 8-Bit Iron Man (Pixel Art)

8-Bit Iron Man (Pixel Art)

Mega Man's met his match.