Out of this World Alien Tees

Nanoo nanoo!

And a merry klaatu barada nikto, while you're at it!

For some reason, aliens have gone to war with cowboys lately. You'd think there'd be a pretty obvious one-sided outcome to that. But then, who are we to question aliens' judgment? It's not like they were necessarily expecting to find themselves on the business end of a six shooter.

Either way, there's been no lack of imagination when it's come to how people have envisioned extraterrestrial life, and you know what that means - it's t-shirt time!

1. Extra Terrestrials t-shirt

Extra Terrestrials t-shirt

E.T.'s got a lot of competition for the spotlight in this classic movie spoof tee. I wonder how that bike hasn't capsized already. Is capsized even the right verb for what bikes do? A t-shirt of many questions.

2. Avatar Battle T-Shirt

Avatar Battle T-Shirt

Avatar's Na'vi serve as a reminder that however high-tech we get, we should probably make a point of ensuring our technology is bow-and-arrow-proof. I'm just saying.

3. Alien Supporter t-shirt

Alien Supporter t-shirt

You can finally wear your heart on your sleeve with this snazzy tee and let the world know that you're on Team Alien. Sorry, Team Human - it's just not your day.

4. Alien chestburster T-Shirt

Alien chestburster T-Shirt

Got a Xenomorph in your heart? Literally?
Broadcast that you're soon to be a serious
threat to others with this x-ray themed t-shirt!

5. Admiral Ack's Bar T-Shirt

Admiral Ack's Bar T-Shirt

Beloved extraterrestrial Admiral Ackbar opened up
his own bar on the other end of the galaxy - and you're invited!

6. Octogrr Alien Holiday T-Shirt

Octogrr Alien Holiday T-Shirt

This galactic visitor may be a nuisance, but if they're adorable, can we REALLY hate them for destroying civilization? I mean, come on.

7. I Hunt Aliens Tee

I Hunt Aliens Tee

A modern day cowboy might wear a t-shirt like this while hunting invaders from the great starry yonder. Granted, they probably can't read English, so you'll have to keep the joke to yourself.

8. Paul The Alien Shirt

Paul The Alien Shirt

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost got to hang out with this chill alien not too long ago. Sometimes aliens just want to hang.

9. Classically Trained Space Invaders T-Shirt

Classically Trained Space Invaders T-Shirt

As this Space Invaders tee reminds, some parts of the universe exist merely in pixels. So many pixels.

10. Mork and Mindy Shirt

Mork and Mindy Shirt

Finally! A way for Mork & Mindy fans to give a "Nanoo Nanoo!" to their friends in t-shirt form.

11. Invader Zim T-Shirt

Invader Zim T-Shirt

Invader Zim's robot dog buddy Gir defies all stereotypes about sane robot technology. We've been outclassed in every way.