Aquatic Fish T-Shirts

Sure, we land mammals have it great, all this land, television, t-shirts, the whole shebang. But let's not kid ourselves - the Earth is mostly covered in water. And who inhabits the water? Our friends, the fish. Sure, they may not make the sorts of adorable pets that cats and dogs do, but we rely on them in far more ways than we realize.

This week, we celebrate our fishy friends with t-shirts.

1. Tuna Fish Funny Cool

Tuna Fish Funny Cool

Just tuna it.

2. Dr Seusshi

Dr Seusshi

The Cat in the Hat
Knows sushi's where it's at!

3. The Cthulhu Fish

The Cthulhu Fish

What did you think lived in Rl'yeh?

4. Quints Shark Fishing

Quints Shark Fishing

Those are some pretty big Jaws there. (This joke has been brought to you by a deliberate disregard for subtlety.)

5. Goin Fishin

Goin Fishin

We're not so sure that bait will get you ladies. Drowned ladies, maybe, but that'd be kind of a morbid coincidence, if anything.

6. Fisherman Fishing Vintage Funny Retro

Fisherman Fishing Vintage Funny Retro

Which one is the one doing the fishing here?

7. Darwin Fish Geek Evolution

Darwin Fish Geek Evolution

"Hey, Steve! Check it out, I've got legs! ... Steve?"

8. Angler Fish from the Abyss

Angler Fish from the Abyss

Anglers? Meet an angler.

9. Like A Fish Organic

Like A Fish Organic

If a fish drinks enough, will it drown?

10. Fish with Legs

Fish with Legs

Looks like this fish never got the memo 'bout the whole no legs thing. That looks suspiciously like a snake's tongue, too!

11. foux du fafa

foux du fafa

Parlez vous Francais?

12. Stay Fly

Stay Fly

You came for the fishing puns. You'll stay for the fishing puns.

13. Fish Tank

Fish Tank

"Show of hands - who likes seafood?"

14. Drop the bass

Drop the bass

Nobody eats more fish than dubstep DJs. Which explains all those tragic cases of mercury poisoning.

15. Blinky


All the way from Springfield.

16. So long and thanks...

So long and thanks...

When the dolphins go, you know we're in trouble. Thanks for the warning, Douglas Adams.

17. Black Freddie The Fish

Black Freddie The Fish

You haven't got gills, have you?

18. Fish Filet

Fish Filet

Kanye approved. (Note: This t-shirt is not officially endorsed by Kanye West.)

19. One Fish Two Fish Dr. Seuss

One Fish Two Fish Dr. Seuss

One fish
Two fish
Real fish
T-shirt fish

20. Ackbarpography


Admiral Ackbar remains everyone's favorite Star Wars fish. He's got our backs, after all.

21. Fancy Fish

Fancy Fish

"Hey baybuh, the logistics of keeping the hat and sunglasses in place are more challenging than you'd think!"

22. Organize


Fish: They know how to school you.

23. BILLABONG White Mike Street Walker

BILLABONG White Mike Street Walker


24. Reef Dos Fish

Reef Dos Fish

Nothing fishy here. We mean, except literally.

25. Koi in Heaven

Koi in Heaven

Who doesn't love Koi? It's in their name!