e By Numbers

e By Numbers
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    Behold, The Mystery of e! If there were a red headed stepchild of mathematical constants, it would be 'e', the base of the Natural Logarithm. 'e' just doesn't seem to be as popular as its transcendental and irrational cousin, Pi. More than likely this is due to the fact that 'e' takes a few more brain cells to grok than Pi. Or perhaps it's because folks enjoy eating pie. Whatever the reason, we thought it was time 'e' made it to the big leagues with a shirt of its own. I mean, come on, 'e' is part of Euler's Identity. This is considered by many to be the most beautiful mathematical theorem EVAR! Even more beautiful than the little Einstein ditty everybody constantly talks about. We'll recreate Euler's Identity here, but watch out, by viewing the theorem below, your mind may be slayed by rapture of an intensity you may never recover from: ei? + 1 = 0 For those who don't read math, you aren't going to buy this shirt anyways so we don't need to bother explaining it any further. 100%