You Are Here Bell Curve Babydoll

You Are Here Bell Curve Babydoll
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"We find it's a rewarding habit to hang out with smart people like yourself. Face it. You tend to talk more about what you're reading and less about reality television. (Hey -- we have our personal addictions, too, but it's not our main topic of conversation.) This past weekend amongst a dozen friends a particular parasite came up for discussion independently in two different groups of people (there was one person in the crosssection of the Venn Diagram of those present who identified the topical overlap, an event which T-Shirt Girl will now refer to as the ""parazeitgeist."") Also, we have arguments about where the period should go in that previous sentence. We love our smart friends. Hanging out with smart people may make you seem normal by comparison, but think of the rest of the poor fools on this bell chart. The folks who created the interactive voice response maze^H^H^H^Hflow for our cellphone carrier? They're more than two standard deviations below normal. Let them know that. We