X-Men Wolverine Vs Omega Red Men's T-Shirt

X-Men Wolverine Vs Omega Red Men's T-Shirt
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    Don'tyou DARE weep forOmega Red -- he deserves this.Arkady Gregorivich was a Russian mutant and ahorrific serial killer.After his capture-- and insteadof receiving a well-deserveddeath penalty or 25 consecutive life sentences-- he was given to the KGB who transformed him into the soviet super-solider Omega Red.Wolverineaccompanied byhis mutant-centric covert operationsunit "Team X" disrupted Arkady's transformationstealing the Carbonadium Synthesizer which controlled Omega's powers.Placed in stasis due to the missing "C-Synthesizer" Omegawas revived decades later with a severe unhealthy mad-on for Wolverine.When they finally clashed Wolverine and Omega Red tore the living hell out of each other -- a brutal rated-R display captured on ourX-Men Wolverine Vs Omega Red Men's T-Shirt.Made from 100% cotton this image of Wolverine and Red skewering each otherlike ravening wolves (armed with telescopic extensions and atom-splitting knuckle-pokers)is rendered by master artist Jim Lee.Yep the 19