X-Men Mutant Battle Men's T-Shirt

X-Men Mutant Battle Men's T-Shirt
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    "Cyclops was right."He's no longer a slave to Charles Xavier's naive dream of humanand Mutant co-existence. It's time toremind thehuman "sub-species"of their place on the newly organized food chain.Made from 100% cotton ourX-Men Mutant Battle Men's T-Shirt sports a ferocious illustration of Cyclops Magneto and Emma Frost wreaking havoc ona crowd of anti-Mutant protestorssupportedby well-armed "peace-officers."Because the humans will never learn. Ever. The X-Men fought so hard to protect them -- to put them at ease. They conceded to ridiculous laws toappear unthreateningand refrained from retaliation whentheir community was butchered by organizationsproclaiming a fear of extinction.This X-Men t-shirt for men sends a very clear very direct message: The X-Men aren't going to take this anymore.In fact their mission statement recently changed from"peaceful rescue and response" to "go **BLANK** yourself."