X-Men Heather Sand Junk Food T-Shirt

X-Men Heather Sand Junk Food T-Shirt
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Made from 50% polyester and 50% Cotton this heathered "sandy-brown" t-shirt features an excruciatingly distressed image of the Uncanny X-Men! Yes the t-shirt is purposely made to look like it's been washed at least 575 times. I mean......there's a little color left over. There's some...there's some yellow in there. A little red left over in...uh..Wolverine's mouth. Oh looks like something green may have been washed along with this particular tee. Like...like a gecko maybe. Anyway this t-shirt featuring your favorite X-Men is from famous t-shirt maker Junk Food. This of course means the following apply: "X-tra" soft "X-tremely" limited and genetically "X-quisite!"