X-Men 90's Mutant Circle by Jim Lee Men's T-Shirt

X-Men 90's Mutant Circle by Jim Lee Men's T-Shirt
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    Question: What year did artist Jim Lee take over regularpenciling duties for Uncanny X-Men?Answer: in 1989 specifically in issue #267 he began his legendary tenure with the forever ill-fated X-Men.In 1991 due to his sharp immensely detailed artwork garnering an overabundance of fan-based support Jim Lee would move on to pencilingand co-plotting a second X-Men book simply titledX-Men.Accompanied by writer Chris Claremont and kicking off with several interlocking covers X-Men #1 was named the best-selling comic book of all time sellingover 8.1 million copies and raking in overseven-millionX-Dollars.Enough with the history lesson! Tell us more about the actual t-shirt!!Fine. Made from 90% cotton and10% polyester ourX-Men 90's Mutant Circle by Jim Lee Men's T-Shirtis a heather-gray X-Men t-shirt celebrating Jim Lee's amazing artwork and his astoundingly positive effect on comic book sales.Yep it's the 'X-Circle' filled with Jim Lee-rendered images of Storm Wolverine Beast and Rogue. Beside