Wonderland Transit Map

Wonderland Transit Map
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Riding the subway in Wonderland would be so frustrating. Wherever you thought you were going, the train would take you in the opposite direction. (Although we have to admit that occasionally happens to us today.) The stationmaster would be some sort of anthropomorphized animal. (Which, yes, also happens today.) But here's one that'd be unique to the world of Lewis Carroll: printed maps would be of limited value because at random times the stations would all get up and relocate themselves. Which means that you're basically fine, unless you have to be at a croquet match at a specific time, for instance. Wonderland Transit Map on black, 100% cotton t-shirt. Note that this shirt is softer and slightly more fitted than our standard t-shirts. For the detail lovers, the red line is Wonderland, the yellow line is Looking-Glass Land, and the blue line is a commuter line that makes it easier for all the queens to get together for tea. Now if they could only decide on whose castle to gather at...