Wonder Woman Stars & Stripes Men's T-Shirt

Wonder Woman Stars & Stripes Men's T-Shirt
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    When Wonder Woman says she'll protect the peace she means it.Looking at Wonder Woman's determined intimidating glare on our Wonder Woman Stars & Stripes Men's T-Shirt we're quite sure she'll protect truth justice and the America waywith unmatched compassion and determination.In fact we're quite sure she'll administer this protection until the enemy is "convinced" -- via magiclasso -- to curb their aggressive ways or receive a sound pummelingat the end of a tank.Made from 100% cotton this black Wonder Woman t-shirt for men features an aggravated Wonder Woman standing in front of a vertically draped American flag rendered in black and red stripes.Because the red represents blood spilled and Wonder Woman is going to add to her already prodigious body count.