Wonder Woman Movie Amazon Princess Men's T-Shirt

Wonder Woman Movie Amazon Princess Men's T-Shirt
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    Wonder Woman never rushes into battle. She saunters.When you're the daughter of Zeus with the strength to elbow a B-52 bomber in twain you can afford to take a slow intimidating walktowards the front lines.Sureyour relaxed pace allows the enemy to entrench themselves and gather their forces but they'll soonrealizethe futilityof assaulting a sword-carrying goddess.Our Wonder Woman Movie Amazon Princess Men's T-Shirtis a heather gray t-shirt for men featuring an image of Wonder Woman rendered in her movie iteration complete with a movie-style Wonder Woman symbol printed in white.Made from 100% cotton this Wonder Woman movie t-shirt is perfect for fans of the amazing Wonder Woman movie and Princess Diana's consummategrace in the midst of war.Heather-gray??The marbling or "heather" effect is produced through an interweaving of dark and light threading -- in this case gray and white material.