Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth Women's T-Shirt

Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth Women's T-Shirt
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    The truth is surprisingly bright.And it should be considering it casts a blazing light on the usually huddled covered and bandaged faces ofdeception!And if we're talking about a blazing expression of truth rendered in its most literal form -- a winding indestructible lasso entangling thedisingenuous -- you look no further than Wonder Woman's ancient godly implement.OurWonder Woman Lasso of Truth Women's T-Shirt features an image of Wonder Woman wielding her glimmering Magic Lassotwirlingit at inconceivable speeds and creating hypnotizinglight trails.Yep this Wonder Woman t-shirt for women features a stunning illustration of Diana rendered by acclaimed artist Adam Hughes -- she's lighting the dark caverns of your soul with light-speed rope tricks.