Wonder Woman Justice League Logo Women's T-Shirt

Wonder Woman Justice League Logo Women's T-Shirt
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    An ancient symbolthat inspires amodern world.Wonder Woman has been Wonder Woman-ing for hundreds of years -- her godly-bestowed armor and steel-woven symbol implies a tumultuous history involving a LOT of swordplay.She bowed out for a while but the 'fall of Superman' and this mortal bat-themed hero inspired her to once again bring peace to man's world. Unfortunately that will involve more swordplay.Made from 100% cotton ourWonder Woman Justice League Logo Women's T-Shirt is a deep red t-shirt featuring Wonder Woman's modern symbol -- -- it's a commanding design upgrade adorning the warrior princess' godly fatiguesin Batman v Superman the Wonder Woman movie and of course Justice League.Available inflattering Standard and curve-hugging Fitted sizes this Wonder Woman t-shirt for women reaffirms Wonder Woman's commanding presence in the new DC Comics Cinematic Universe with some seriously powerful iconography.