Wonder Woman 8-Bit Ugly Sweater Women's T-Shirt

Wonder Woman 8-Bit Ugly Sweater Women's T-Shirt
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    Christmas is just around the corner and who better to make sure Santa gets to every kid safely than Wonder Woman herself?Forged (or born depending on which character reboot you're on) to foster peace and spread goodness across Man's World Diana is a symbol of goodwillfor adults AND children.She fights to keep peace around the world and there's no greater hindrance to world peace than disgruntled kids who don't get Santa's presents in time. Imagine the Armageddon that tragedy would bring!So how does the Princess of Themyscira stop the end of the world from happening? By "paving the way for Santa's sleigh" of course!You too can spread good cheer with this Wonder Woman 8-Bit Ugly Sweater Women's T-shirt. The pixelated old-school nostalgic design is fun and funky bright and merry and sure to bring on the holiday cheer.Made from 100% cotton this bright red Wonder Woman t-shirt for women features a meticulous printing resembling hand-stitched sweater accents rendered inmerry 8-bit graphics.