Weejects Inkie White Womens T-Shirt

Weejects Inkie White Womens T-Shirt
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Meet the Weejects! They're creatures that are different from their kind, and to find a place where they could fit it with their differences they found a new place where they could bond together in their uniqueness. There's Inkie, an clumsy octopus with a short a tentacle. Char is a dragon who can't control his fire. Bella is a unicorn who can't fly. Mooshi is a cat, and she loves mice so much that one is her personal assistant! And there's Pandie, who is so shy he can't be alone! The Weejects accept one another because of their differences, and together they became the bestest of friends. Cute and lovable, the Weejects celebrate the differences that make each of us unique!