Voltron Japanese Defender of Universe T-Shirt

Voltron Japanese Defender of Universe T-Shirt
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    Made from 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester this softer than average heather blue t-shirt features a purposely distressed image of freakin' Voltron defender of the whole din-dang-darn universe...and Japanese characters stating the very same thing. We think. Or the denoted Japanese phrase could be saying something like"Jelly for sale in windy Copernicus." Uh...yeah maybe. Anyway it's the super-robot Voltron whose super-form is created through the combination of 5 smaller lion-shaped robot-things. Yup. Voltron saved my planet once. Yup. There were like 15 Robeasts trying to steal my opera fudge and Voltron like split 'em in quarters with that giant freaking sword of his. Then the green lion reached out it's...uh....mouth-hand thing. Then Blazing Sword was pointed at my opera fudge. Then I calmly handed the box over to Voltron.