Volcom Spray Can T-Shirt

Volcom Spray Can T-Shirt
Available In:
Men's, Women's
PacSun - www.pacsun.com

"If someone just walked up and tagged our shirt with a can of spray paint, wed be pretty T.O.d. But when its Volcom who does it (and, when its not on us at the time), we couldnt be happier. The tilted circle-and-Stone logo on the front of this tee has the same stenciled graffiti style as your favorite underground street artist, in a medium that you can actually carry around with you. Because we dont think youre going to be strapping brick facades to your chest anytime soon. Solid black body. Slim ribbed collar. Blank, unmarked back. Regular fit tee (classic). 20"" shoulder, 29.5"" length. Size medium shown and measured."