Vitruvian Minecraft

Vitruvian Minecraft
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"Hey, it's Steve! You know Steve. His perfect, blocky proportions are highlighted on this remix of da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, suggested by one of our customers. He's surrounded by notes and sketches, as if he's been ripped right out of Notch's sketchbook. The copy for the da Vinci-esque notes on the nature of the Minecraft universe was provided by our head of evil schemes and nefarious plans (referred to in the common parlance as ""marketing""), Jamie Grove. It's kind of hard to read in the scripty, ""I'm writing this with a quill"" font, so we're reproducing it here for your elucidation: Next to the sword One must become terrible and fierce in the company of mobs Next to the piston Machine for pushing blocks by means of redstone power Next to the pickaxe Let no man, who is not a stone mason, read the elements of my work Next to the blocks That shall be brought forth out of dark and obscure caves... Bottom text Every world is the termination of a number of chunks, which converge to form