Venom Envenomated Men's T-Shirt

Venom Envenomated Men's T-Shirt
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    Welcome to Venom's temporary feeding ground.After Venom ensnares a victim he/it dragshe/she/itto a darkwater-filled locale -- something like apit sewer or moss-filled kiddie pool forviolent feasting without distraction.Our Venom Envenomated Men's T-Shirt is a black t-shirt featuring Venom in all his distorted glory standing amidst one of several feeding pits -- we deduced this by the very obvious skeletons floating very close to the hulking drooling parasite.Besides the nightmarishimage of an alien super-predator wading amidst the bones of his/its victims this Venom t-shirt for men sports a Venom logo filled with a subtle glitter print.Okay just what the hell does "envenomated" mean??Basically it means "poisoned" or having been injected withpoison through the biting or stinging of spiders insects snakes scorpions or psychotic alien symbiotes. At least I'm pretty sure that's what it means.