Vegan Mens Thermal Shirt

Vegan Mens Thermal Shirt
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    Listen to Dewey and your parents and eat your veggies!This Dewey Says Eat Your Veggies Thermal Shirt features Dewey as a super hero with the slogan "Dewey Says, Eat Your Veggies." The picture also includes asparagus, a carrot, a tomato, and broccoli as superheros and a slogan on the side that reads "We're Super!" Our Dewey Says Thermal Shirt is an adult 60% Cotton 40% poly mini waffle blend long sleeve shirt. Wear this thermal shirt to remind everyone that they should eat their vegetables to stay healthy!Here's Dewey, the loveable penguin adored by kids and adults!Dewey considers himself a scholar and has some pretty profound advice to offer. These simple, thoughtful designs help us all get through the little challenges we face each day.This exclusive selection is available on infant creepers, toddler sizes, youth sizes, juniors sizes and adult sizes. View our complete line of Dewey Says Shirts