Turbo Street Cleaning Services by mcnasty

Turbo Street Cleaning Services by mcnasty
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The struggling young break dancer Turbo from Breakin 1 & 2 was left high and dry by Ozone and Kelly when the hip-hop scene changed in the early 1990s with the introduction of gangsta rap, the landscape of hip-hop moved away from partying and dancing to subject matters such as gang banging and drive-by shooting. The community recreation center ended up getting bulldozed and Breakdancing became old hat. So Turbo went back to what he did best.. sweeping the streets to the sounds of Kraftwerks Tour De France on his boombox breakdance, turbo, ozone, breakin, rapping, graffiti, hiphop, mcnasty, old school, funny, cool, retro, vintage, geek, nerd, parody, mash up, movie