Tron Light Bikes Trail 30 Single T-Shirt

Tron Light Bikes Trail 30 Single T-Shirt
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Tired of Chess? Sick of Candyland? Nobody wants to play Battleship? Well get yourself a wee bit of the Tron and crush your friends in a surreal grid world! It is like that snake game on the fancy cell phones but instead of playing yourself you are playing somebody else! I hope one of these days that they invent some virtual reality games like they have in Tron. After crushing your 'frienemies' with your groovy Light Cycle it is on to the giant floaty destroyer thing. Did they ever give that thing an official name? Oh well guess you really don't need a name when you can just plow over buildings like that. Of course that this 100% cotton 30 single t-shirt is not about those things it is about those super-fly Light Cycles! 30 Single means that is way softer than a normal t-shirt much like the difference between a motorcycle and a light cycle. I wonder what kind of license you would need to drive one of those baddies...