Tron Legacy Wireframe Light Cycle 30 Single T-Shirt

Tron Legacy Wireframe Light Cycle 30 Single T-Shirt
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You guys wonder if the 'games' involving Light Cycles have like a start up sequence? It is like a race...they all line up and anxiously await the sounding of a siren marking the start of the games! I think this is the part I would excel the best in. Instead of zooming around making impassable walls of hard light I would obnoxiously make VRROOOOOM sound effects loud enough so that my competitors may hear. You do that long enough and loud enough and they'll know you're absolutely batty. That is where the strategy comes in you see. If they think you are out of your mind you obviously won't flinch during a game of Tron Chicken. You don't know what you're doing so why would you swerve first? They'll all avoid you and you'll win! I think that's how Tron: Legacy started and ended. I think. This is a great 100% cotton glow in the dark 30 single t-shirt featuring a wireframe Light Cycle and the Tron Legacy logo! 30 Single means that this t-shirt is way softer than what they can even conceive in