Thundercats Junior Womens Tan T-Shirt

Thundercats Junior Womens Tan T-Shirt
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Made from 100% Cotton this tan juniors-cut woman's t-shirt features a screen-printed stenciled-in-appearance Thundercats symbol! The Thundercats are a race of cat-human hybrids having recently (relatively) left their dying planet for one deemed "Third Earth." Hint: Third Earth is really just plain old...Earth! Aggh! But where the hell is humanity? Did the Thundercats arrive millennia after the fall of the human race? Or could it possibly be.....some sort of unrecorded pre-history before the birth of mankind!???? Mind BLOWER!!!! Anyway the Thundercats are a thousand different sparkling hues of cool and it's about DAMN time all you "Thunerkittens" show it! Soo SHOW IT......with this soft Thundercats t-shirt.