Thor Thornado Strikes Sublimation T-Shirt

Thor Thornado Strikes Sublimation T-Shirt
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THORNADO! Hehe get it? It's like Thor using all of his awesome lightning power and smashing into a tornado....THORNADO! Run for your life People Of Tornado Alley! I don't think there will be anywhere to hide. Thinking about it Thor was probably responsible for displacing Dorthy into the Land of Oz. Would make sense why that one wicked witch was blasted into the ground. Thor cares not for evil-doers! This great 100% Thor Thornado Strikes Sublimation T-Shirt features an all over print so you'll practically brim with power just like your idolized God! This baby is the result of Belt Printing. Any perceived imperfections are intrinsic and characteristic of the Belt Print technique. That means each one is slightly unique hence the higher price tag.