Thor Ragnarok Ambigram Men's T-Shirt

Thor Ragnarok Ambigram Men's T-Shirt
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    He's the first Asgardian to grace the Grandmaster's arena.And he'sdoingexceptionally well even without the hammer.Unfortunately I'm betting against him in the next round considering his next opponent is that green hulking monster from Earth who utters wordsthat never cross the three-syllable threshold.OurThor Ragnarok Ambigram Men's T-Shirt features a gorgeous illustration of Thor in his movie-specific armor sporting a smooth shiny cape and indigenous alien war paint.Behind Thor scratchy monochrome panels based on the hit film Thor: Ragnarok featuring a foreboding Hela and a few more equally aggressive Thors.Made from a soft 100% cotton this high-endexceptionally soft designer Thor t-shirt for men features striking colors sharp graphics and a gorgeous ambigram logo -- "MIGHTY THOR" -- that's completely readable upside down!*What's an ambigram? It's a word or other artistic symbolic representation-- in this casetypographical art-- that retains a similar or different theme/meaning when i