Thor Raging Thunder God Men's T-Shirt

Thor Raging Thunder God Men's T-Shirt
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    This is not an extinction-level eventyou're going to walk away from.Thor is quite heroic and noble -- attributes the self-proclaimed "god of thunder" has displayed quite often over a hundred different scenariosinvolving superheroes and underappreciated deities.And yes he saved Earth or perhaps the whole of existencecountless times with a courteous wink and a powerful hammer swing. But when the enemy was finally too powerful edging Thor -- and the universe -- ever closer to extinction he had no choice:Summoning the totalityof Asgard'sinfinitepower he struck a blow that rendered the Earth in twain.What does something like that look like? It looks like the illustrationadorningourThor Raging Thunder God Men's T-Shirt.Made from 100% cotton and perhaps enough mystical lightning toscaldreality... ...this Thor t-shirt for men features an amazing image of Thor striking a blow so solid so fierce thatyour home studio ended up circling ablack holeresiding directlybeneath your water-treated basemen