Thor Logo Attack Junk Food T-Shirt

Thor Logo Attack Junk Food T-Shirt
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Made from 100% Cotton this cream colored off-white t-shirt features a purposely distressed vintage image of the Mighty Thor picking a fight with....his logo apparently. Yes he's screaming hollering and raising his hammer right in front of his very own logo. Perhaps his logo...made a pass at the lady Sif? Perhaps his logo....mentioned that Thor might be weaker than a Pink Cloud Giant of Smeltbjorngrablebund? Hmm. Whatever it was Thor's really about to lay into this logo...big time. I'm talking a godly wrath on scary levels here. Yep. Anyway this image of a mere 3 seconds before the megadeath inflicted upon Thor's logo is brought to you by the t-shirt masters at Junk Food. What this means is: Super-soft a print run more limited than your time spent as a port-o-potty custodian's great.