Thor Juvenile Son Of Asgard T-Shirt

Thor Juvenile Son Of Asgard T-Shirt
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Made from 100% Cotton this navy blue t-shirt for juvenile-sized kiddies features beautiful illustrations of Thor god of thunder: movie star comic book stalwart and powerful figure of high fantasy just....looking all kinds of intimidating. Really. I met the guy. When he speaks it's like....thorny wisps of cold breath tickling the wings of your brain. Very strange sensation. And then when he moves it's like....he cuts through something deeper than air molecules. It's like...he's creating a reality in front of him right before he walks into it. Very very odd. But...he's a good guy and he absolutely LOVES kids. This navy blue Thor t-shirt displaying the son of Asgard is evident of this love for the children of Midgard. I mean the damn thing glows in the dark so...yeah he loves the kids.