Thor Arms Raised Women's T-Shirt

Thor Arms Raised Women's T-Shirt
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    Our new Thor Arms Raised Women's T-Shirt features the classic logo of Marvel's God of Thunder Thor and a classic comic image of him with his arms raised to the sky as though he's: a) begging Odin for help b) yelling at Odin for not helping c) telling his jerky (half-) brother to get down here and fight like a man...err...God. Or maybe it's d) proclaiming how satisfied he is with the spread on his English muffin and that he can't wrap his head around the idea that it's REALLY not butter. Whatever the case the Asgardian is loud and proud on this navy blue 100% cotton Thor t-shirt made with a 30 Single thread count (for extra softness) by Mighty Fine known far and wide as a producer of high quality pop culture and superhero t-shirts!