The Ultimate Inequation

The Ultimate Inequation
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    There's nothing wrong with a little ego. There are countless formulas and maxims out there in the universe of math, physics and more ? The Pythagorean Theorem, a basic differential equation, E=mc2, and the definition of Pi are ones that many of us know (or at least knew at one point). Well, here at ThinkGeek Research Labs?, we have toiled for many years and have finally come up with what we like to call "The Ultimate Inequation?". The Ultimate Inequation is a highly complex and well-documented representation of the basic premise of superiority shared by many a geek, gamer, or hacker. Put simply, the Ultimate Inequation is i > u. Q.E.D. 100% cotton t-shirt in heavyweight black (suprised ya, didn't we?). "i > u" is printed on the front in white. Ain't simplicity grand?