The PIXIES - Planet of Sound - Music Notes - Gas Mask T-Shirt

The PIXIES - Planet of Sound - Music Notes - Gas Mask T-Shirt
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    The Pixies 'Planet of Sound' Gas Mask T-Shirt Frank Black. Kim Deal. Joey Santiago. David Lovering. That should be enough said... but for those out of the loop, we'll continue... continue to explain how this 80's band managed to write songs that have influenced just about every single modern artist in the world... everywhere. all the time. even now. Ok, so maybe we're exaggerating a little bit on that last part... but not really... The Pixies are strong. Very, very strong. They burst forth in a way that peels flesh from the bone upon departure... 'angular' and 'bent' is the fraternal way of The Pixies... 'soft' and 'loud' is the conundrum they disseminate to your raw ear bones and bloodied lobes... your destination is in sight, you have reached The Planet of Sound! Every Pixies album is quite good... this is part of the reason why they've inspired so many artists over the years... you've heard the name, you grab whichever album is closest, it's awesome... you're i