The Fly T-Shirt (BrundleFly, The Fly Movie)

The Fly T-Shirt (BrundleFly, The Fly Movie)
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    In 1986 Seth Brundle christened the first functional organic teleportation system after he successfully transported a baboon from one pod to another. In a drunken state and before he could do more testing, he decided to teleport himself. Soon afterwards, he experiences a state of euphoric strength and believes himself to be somehow purified. But as time progresses his increased aggression and bodily disfigurement leads to the horrible conclusion that he wasn't alone... There was something else in the teleportation pod and now it's a part of him. Inspired by "The Fly", a movie directed by David Cronenberg starring Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis. A high quality, high durability and performance tshirt. 100 percent cotton, this tshirt has extra reinforcing along the neck and shoulders, ensuring the shape doesn't get lost through wash and wear. Comfortable and stylish, the perfect tshirt. 100% ring-spun cotton, 6.1 oz. Luxurious ring-spun softness. High stitch density fabric for superior