The Flash Distressed Run Circle T-Shirt

The Flash Distressed Run Circle T-Shirt
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    Run Flash! RUN!"The world you inadvertently created through selfish time traveling is collapsing behind you! You need to outrace the destruction of a universe and return to the reality from which you came!"Yep it's just another day for The Flash one of several thousand time-mauling excursions experienced by "The Fastest Man Alive" sincethe SilverAge of Comics. To celebrate the Flash's fleet-footed fiascos and Silver Ageglorywe offerThe Flash Distressed Run Circle T-Shirt.Made from 100% cotton this charcoal-gray t-shirt features apurposely distressed image of The Flash aka Barry Allenaccelerating from a white circle and just behind his very own logo."Purposely distressed?"Yep it sports the vintage "washed and worn" look implying an object of constantly worn constantly washed affection hailing from less cynical times.