Thanos Ultimates #7 Comic Cover Men's T-Shirt

Thanos Ultimates #7 Comic Cover Men's T-Shirt
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    Inspired by the famous 2016 issue the 100% cottonThanos Ultimates #7 Comic Cover Men's T-Shirt has the Mad Titan lording over his fallen foes...which in this case happen to be some of our favorite heroes like Black Panther Captain Marvel Blue Marvel and Photon!Created by Kenneth Rocafort that issue almost changed the status quo...or perhaps it did and it already changed back! Those Cosmic Cubes can be a little whacky you know? Just ask Captain America! Any-who this great shirt is sure to impress Lady Death.Recommended Reading: This t-shirt features the cover art to Ultimates Vol. 2 #7 renderedby artist Kenneth Rocafort.Release Date:May 11th 2015Writer:Al EwingArtist:Kenneth RocafortSynopsis: Regardless of the Pleasant Hill debacle the scientists at Project Pegasus are still messing about with Cosmic Cubes. Captain Marvel puts a cap on that flowof utter foolishness. Meanwhile the rest of the gang are figuring out what to do with Conner Sims aka the Anti-Man. Should Blue Marvel's omni-po