Test Subject - Black by R-evolution GFX

Test Subject - Black by R-evolution GFX
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Men's, Women's
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Please attire yourself in the standard issue Aperture science test subject garment, and step into the chamber to begin testing, ignore any noticeable hair, odour, stains, burns or blood remaining on the test subject apparel, it is not part of this test. pop culture, gamer, gaming, funny, cool, geek, nerd, video, pc, game, gun, barcode, bar code, aperture labs, lab, valve, orange box, test, subject, label, experiment, science, scientific, experimentation, experimented, on, human, chell, blood, tested, back, jump, suit, revolution, companion cube, glados, gfx, retro, potato, wheatley, aperture science, aperture laboratories, portal, portal 2