Taste The Bass by 1337Wear

Taste The Bass by 1337Wear
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A Skrillex / Skittles mashup parody made for those who enjoy cheesy jokes like me. Enjoy! Click full description, please? It’ll benefit everyone. Note: This is NOT an official shirt from either Skrillex or Skittles and I do not claim either titles as mine. This is a joke, a parody, meant to be taken as a joke. I also do not claim the Skrillex logo as mine. I just want to make sure Get official Skrillex merch at his store in the link below. http://skrillexmerch.com/ andrew nirello, skrillex, candy, skittles, dubstep, music, rainbow, parody, funny, lol, geek, failoftheyear, 1337wear, 1337, sonny, text, graphic, food, sticker, stickers, case, club, electronic, electronica, electro dance, dance, rave, party, awesome, edm, trance, techno, electro, electro house, popular, logo, house, drop, bass, nerdy, colorful, bite, size, wubs, sweet, colors, color, ill, humor, humorous