Support the Emperor and Expel the Foreign Barbarians

Support the Emperor and Expel the Foreign Barbarians
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    A great and totally wacky new Japanese T-shirt from J-List! A famous slogan of the Meiji Restoration, an exciting time in Japan's history when Japanese rallied around Emperor Meiji to create a strong, modern nation free of the influence of Western nations. A famous slogan studied by all Japanese (it even appears in James Clavell's novels about Japan), the slogan in Japanese is sonno joi (sohn-NOH JOH-ee). The silhouette of Admiral Perry's black ships, which are seen in the background. Very esoteric and funky. Sizes in stock are S, M, L, XL, and XXL.This is an original J-List T-shirt, hand-silkscreened in J-List's San Diego office by our trained staff of T-shirt printers (not mass-produced in Asia). The shirt is printed with a "flash" layer below the design, to keep it from showing the shirt color, and heated at 330 degrees Farenheit to cure the ink for long life.