Superman Royal Blue T-Shirt

Superman Royal Blue T-Shirt
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    That's not an "S" -- it's the Kryptonian symbol for "hope."Sure it looks just like the letter "S" which makes perfect sense considering 'Superman'starts with that very English consonant.However Superman recently set us straight: this symbol is the House of El's family crest a Kryptonian character representing the concept of hope. Hope? Superman? I don'tsee the connection (JOKING!).Exemplify the infinite power of hope and its infinitely powerful space-born architypewith ourSuperman Royal Blue T-Shirt!Made from 100% cotton this royal blue Superman t-shirt features the ubiquitous inspiring Superman S-shield in brightly screen-printed red and yellow.The chest-adorned S-symbol of the world's greatest superhero -- the very best version of ourselves --is a beacon of betterment sharing universally understood aspirations with strangely familiar alien symbology.