Superman Red Symbol Kids Zip-Up Hoodie

Superman Red Symbol Kids Zip-Up Hoodie
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Made from 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester this dark gray kids' zip-up hoodie features a pattern of broken distressed lines running the length of the hoodie. Adorning the right breast is a printed Superman shield symbol. On the back we have a much larger symbol; raised and embroidered also sitting on a background of streaming broken lines. This Superman hoodie is from quality kids' clothing maker Kids Republic so we're talking extreme quality here. This quality is evident in the softer resilient material the expertly rendered embroidery the double reinforced stitching and the sot interior lining. It also has the "forced-distressed" appearance with purposely sheared edges giving way to frayed ends.This is a high quality limited edition Superman hoodie for...well it's for parents who truly care for their kids. Y'know like the ones on TV. Wait you're saying YOU care that much? Really? Well then...ADD TO CART!