Superman Breakout by Alex Ross Men's T-Shirt

Superman Breakout by Alex Ross Men's T-Shirt
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    This is what it looks like when Superman makes a door.Yep when Superman creates his own means of ingress through a twenty-million-ton mountain -- with his fists -- it looks every bit as epic as the painterly image adorning ourSuperman Breakout by Alex Ross Men's T-Shirt.Made from 100% cotton and 10000% unaffordable high-art this black Superman t-shirt for men features a striking image of Superman rendered by popular realist painter Alex Ross!How realistic is this realistpainting of hyper-realism painted by realist painter Alex Ross? Extremely. You can hear the pebbles of recentlypulverized Earth peltingSuperman's shoulders and feel the supportive sunlight emblazoning his super-back.And if you listen closely enough you can hear Superman'sfootfalls echoing softly ashe takes his firststeps through a Superman-made tunnel.