Stormtroopers 'Today I Am' T-Shirt

Stormtroopers 'Today I Am' T-Shirt
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    Made from 100% Cotton this white t-shirt features the various emotions a Stormtrooper might express while tirelessly dedicating his services to the Empire. However you may notice the expressions appear....similar. Actually upon closer examination it looks like Stormtroopers may be....unable to emote. They're clones y'know. Maybe the more times you clone something the less...sensitive the process. Perhaps emotions dull by the time the 354th clone tumbles off the conveyor belt. Yeah maybe. Maybe by clone number 1000000 you get a Stormtrooper who excels at...drooling. Anyway if you're a fan of Star Wars and of course those lovable Stormtroopers perhaps you let this particular tee sit in your (virtual) shopping cart a while. Yeah see what it looks like. Maybe it really holds the cart together.