Stormtroopers Galactic Assault Glowing Sublimated T-Shirt

Stormtroopers Galactic Assault Glowing Sublimated T-Shirt
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Made from 100% Cotton this charcoal gray Star Wars t-shirt features an all over print of.....a few Stormtroopers. More than one but less than 20. Yup. Anyway Stormtroopers are the cloned foot soldiers of the Empire....who are in no way granted Union representation. Nope. Sometimes these guys pillage like 17 planets before getting a lunch break. Heck they've gone 3 weeks without pay already! What the @#$#!!!?? No wonder their performance is....less than stellar. Anyway this Star Wars t-shirt is a first quality garment with any perceived imperfections being intrinsic and characteristic of the belt print technique used in the printing process. There chew on that.And OH! This t-shirt glows in the dark; the illustration on the back that is. I almost failed to mention that.