Star Wars Vader Bowling T-Shirt

Star Wars Vader Bowling T-Shirt
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Your eyes are not deceiving you - what we have here is an image Darth Vader holding a bowling ball triumphantly which of course means that he's rolled more than his share of Empire...strikes! This black 100% cotton Star Wars Vader Bowling T-Shirt depicts a typically fun night of bowling for Vader and his loyal Stormtroopers. Just look at the view the Imperial Lanes offer! All the vastness of galaxies far far away...just behind the end of the lanes. It's probably kinda like that staff party in Mr. Mom...none of the underlings dares to outscore Martin Mull...err...Lord Vader. Higher scores than the Sith Lord result in force choking as do intentional at least make it look as convincing as the scene on this Star Wars t-shirt!