Star Wars The Last Jedi BB-9E Men's T-Shirt

Star Wars The Last Jedi BB-9E Men's T-Shirt
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    What happened to orange BB-8?Make no mistake this isn't BB-8-- it's BB-9E BB-8's evil twin who makes his debut in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In stark contrast to BB-8's cheery white and orange exterior BB-9E's body is a menacing black and gray.BB-9E is no friend of his cuddly counterpart BB-8. BB-9E is in the service of the First Order serving aboard Supreme Leader Snoke's personal Star Destroyer in The Last Jedi. Rumor has it that BB-9E has a big potty mouth too. Beeps like a sailor if you know what I mean.Made from 100% cotton this cardinal red t-shirt features BB-9E rolling his way to retrieve a cocktail for our beloved Snoke.So slip on this Star WarsThe Last Jedi BB-9E Men's T-Shirtas you cheer on the First Order inThe Last Jedi...if you're one of those guys.