Star Wars Princess Leia Hope Men's T-Shirt

Star Wars Princess Leia Hope Men's T-Shirt
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    Who represents hope? She does.The Empire is smiting The Rebellion's efforts at every turn and they just blew the living hell out of Alderaan with a single blast from a massive battle station boasting more mass than the average moon.Things might appear bleak to the average space-trader but there's still hope --- Princess Leia lives and therefore so does The Rebellion!Our Star Wars Princess Leia Hope Men's T-Shirt featuresa classic image of Princess Leia armed with a blaster "borrowed" from an unsuspecting Stormtrooper.Made from 100% cotton this Princess Leia t-shirt for men features Carrie Fisher's iconic outer space diplomat turned fierce warrior -- she's layered by the word "HOPE" rendered in strong stately text.Does Princess Leia inspire hope? Why don't you ask the braveX-Wing pilot who just blew the hell outof the Death Star or the selfish/narcissistic space-pirate who just decided The Rebellion is more important than a lucrative morally ambiguous smuggling operation.