Star Wars Millennium Falcon Blueprints Men's T-Shirt

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Blueprints Men's T-Shirt
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    Rey can pilot the Millennium Falcon without punching a single control panel.Thanks to Rey's link to the Force she has a preternatural ability to pilot the most complex -- or mostly obstinate -- Hyperspace-enabled spacecraft. Case in point: Rey barely had any recorded flight time in the derelict Millennium Falcon but as soon as she took the controls her "instincts" took over.The result? Acomplete and total mastery of the ship's intricate design structure and sluggish activation sequences.Made from 100% cotton ourStar Wars Millennium Falcon Blueprints Men's T-Shirt features the detailed blueprints forRey's preferred space vehicle along with a meditative Rey using the Force to revealthe Falcon's several layers of functionality.Based on Rey's continued use of Han Solo's legendary starship this black Star Wars t-shirt for men adds color to the current Star Wars trilogy initiated in Episode VII: The Force Awakens and continued in Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.Italso points out the nearest rest