Star Wars Lego Juvenile Strong Force T-Shirt

Star Wars Lego Juvenile Strong Force T-Shirt
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    Made from 100% Cotton this red juvenile-sized t-shirt features Darth Vader in lovable LEGO form standing next to the denoted proclamation that....some unidentified person or persons is (are) indeed blessed with an usually high level of....The FORCE! This is a purposely distressed image with LEGO Darth Vader who...yes can still be quite deadly regardless of his slightly more blocky and extremely diminutive form....who is reciting a line taken from the hit Star Wars film Episode IV describing one (LEGO) Luke Skywalker another child from the legendary Skywalker bloodline who has demonstrated the ability to....hurl blocks at other blocks WITH HIS MIND! Maybe. Anyway if you or your child happen to be a Star Wars fan......add t-shirt to cart.