Star Wars Last Jedi The Resistance Men's T-Shirt

Star Wars Last Jedi The Resistance Men's T-Shirt
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    Rumor has it another key member of The Resistance will not make it through Episode VIII.Could it be one of the characters featured on the Star Wars Last Jedi The Resistance Men's T-shirt?From left to right: Poe Dameron Chewbacca Rey Finn and newcomer Rose. Behind them the looming star-filled silhouette of an ominous Luke Skywalker. Could Star Wars: The Last Jedi extend its finality futility and "last-ness" to any of the aforementioned characters gracing this glorious Star Wars t-shirt??Hopefully the included heroes are spared but if someone (or something) has to go I'm voting for a Porg.Honestly the odds of General Leia Organa's survival are quite poor considering the unfortunate passing of Carrie Fisher. If we pray hard enough maybe we can make it through Episode 8 without losing another beloved member of The Resistance.#nevertellmetheoddsThis navy-blue Star Wars t-shirt highlights the new team while paying homage to the past with a very mournful sullen oddly transparent Luke. The Las